Another school year…

photo-2 A new school year started today. I don’t even know what happened to all of our summer. It is as though I blinked and it was gone. We’ve not gone on any fancy vacations, weekends away, or done much of anything except living life everyday. Usually I get so excited about buying the girls their school supplies because I have an office supply obsession. This year I have hated the thought of going. It’s fun to spend that time with the girls but I know that my time with them is almost up. Not just the summer but our time. Soon we will balance school, sports, music lessons, horse lessons, sleepovers, and church activities. Corinne is going to be a freshman and we have four more years to make our life and time count. Sure, I will always be her mother but soon she will be off at college making a life for herself that will be separate from Daniel and I. Her leaving and starting her college life isn’t scary, I’m actually excited for her to do that, what’s scary to me is living our busy life over the next four years that we miss the time that we have. I don’t want to wonder what happened to our time. I want us to live everyday full of meaning, love, deliberateness, and full of laughter. I know we won’t do that if we are focused on our agenda and calendar management.

“Time is not a respecter of your life or agenda.Time moves on, like life, and if you are not careful you will stand and wonder what happened to all of your time.”

See, when I was a kid we spent weekends away camping, hiking, and Sunday drives. What I have loved about my childhood somehow has been replaced in my kids life with tournaments, lessons, and cramming in homework on the weekends. Somehow we have bought into the lie that a busy life leads to fulfillment. We’ve followed the pattern of filling our lives with busyness and believed it’s what will help catapult our kids to their future. The closer to their future I get the more I want to cling to the time that we have. Now is not the time to pack their schedules full of practices. You see, they will have a lifetime of their own to practice and perfect their passions. Now is the time to fill their lives with time that we will never get back. Now is the time to take weekend trips, skip school to watch a midnight showing of a movie, take a Sunday drive, hit the trails, make moments and take mental screen shots of our lives because time is moving so quickly and we won’t ever have this day again.

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