A love story 13 years in the making.

If you haven’t read “This is a love story” the blog I wrote months ago, I suggest you stop reading and go back to the beginning of our story.

Daniel and I were married September 2, 2000. This year makes 12 amazing years with my man. I already wrote about our beginning but from then to now has so many days that I haven’t written about. “Time never had a chance to heal your heart”. That may have been the song lyric that Daniel could have sung to me for the first six years of our marriage.

I was broken, beaten, unloved, and unwanted. Those were all the lies I had believed after wrecking my life. I though I had no value. The amazing thing about feeling worthless is that you give the power of your life over to the person who did the damage in the first place. God was doing a mighty work in my life and I knew who I was in God’s eyes but I was reluctant to give my whole heart to anyone again. Daniel spent the first 6 years healing my heart. He made me trust him and believe me it took years. The first way he healed me was by choosing me even when some family and friends told him I was a mistake. He knew that I was his other half, a perfect match.

Daniel had a way of making me feel safe even in the worst of situations. We were married for nearly 2 years when he lost his job and we lost everything but each other. A house is just logistics, family is what makes a home. We lived in a condo and an apartment and finally we bought another house. During this time he worked jobs he didn’t like all that much but he had our future in mind. He could see where we were going and even if it took years we would get there. I was safe with Daniel because he values us. He is a forward thinker, he doesn’t look at today’s problems instead he looks at tomorrow’s solutions.

Daniel is a lover not a fighter, I on the other hand had had years of fighting and I didn’t know how to love without fighting. Daniel showed me how to love by loving me. He’s not a romantic kind of guy but when he does get the whim to romance me he goes all out. In our first years he would take us back to our honeymoon location or plan surprise weekend get-a-ways. He wouldn’t fight with me even if I yelled. He would sit quietly, which would make me crazy, but it was just what I needed. He waited for me to realize that he wasn’t leaving and forever was in fact forever. It took me six years to really get that “till death do us part” was the deepest commitment and he made that to me, in front of God, and he wouldn’t quit. Time was finally starting to heal my heart which I know wouldn’t have happened without Daniel.


I’m just getting started….stay tuned.

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  1. Rachel Snodgrass Herndon

    You have no idea how much I get this post. Ben is the same way. We are so blessed, even when they do make us crazy by not fighting back. 🙂

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