About me

About me

I’ve been a few different things in my life. I’ve been a daughter, a rebel, a retail manager, a mom, a teacher and a wife. Today, I finally know who it is that I am. I finally decided what I do:

I write things

As you read this blog, you may learn that I have two daughters Corinne (Born 1999) and Kaija (Born 2001). You may learn that I have a husband named Daniel. You may read occasionally stories about his business, or about his wit (we like to be witty together). You might figure out that I live in Indianapolis. You may learn about my love for cooking and especially healthy, gourmet foods,  you surely will discover that I love the beach.

As you peruse the pages of this blog you may learn that  losing my Dad at what seemed so young in life had a tremendous impact on how I view the world around me. You may learn that as I observe my surroundings, I try to learn the Truth and see God’s hand at work. What I hope that you find through this blog, is the pursuit of a passion.

In life there are those who wait and those in pursuit

When you read, if you have thoughts you would like to share, please comment. If you enjoy what you read, please share it. I’ve been waiting for so many years to pursue the things I love in life. Today I am in pursuit, and I welcome you to join me.

All contents, Copyright, 2012. Use only by permission.

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