Pursuit of Passion

As I sit here and write I wonder how many people truly pursue their desires. I am speaking of the desires that your born with. The ones that almost pursue you. There are many reasons why we don’t pursue them but I think what it really comes down to is fear. Fearing what is in your heart to do is not healthy. Fear should never be the thing that holds you down and keeps you from what your really passionate about. I believe that there are many things that you can love to do but few that engage your soul, few that define you.

I love to write. I pour my heart and soul into every word, however fear has held me from doing what I loved to do. Fear not of rejection but fear of anyone seeing to much of who I really am. Even now with the stroke of my pen I am cautious not to give too much of myself away. I surround my self with great works of literature and writers. I glean wisdom from the words and structure of the paragraphs. I read old and new and love how over the years writing styles have changed. My hope is that one day all of my ramblings will make sense to someone.

The second thing I love to do is cook. I love the aroma of the spices that awaken when they hit the hot oil. The smells explode in my kitchen and I smile. I love several things about cooking. I love how you start with several things that in the end turn into something totally different but favorite part is the end. Watching someone eat and enjoy what I have just created excites me. Making people happy with food fulfills me, its a way to make someones day brighter. Think about it, usually a meal lasts for about twenty minutes and thats if you count lingering time. In those few short minutes I have brought them joy, nourishment and health. They never know that what took them twenty minutes to eat took me over an hour to create. They may never appreciate what I just made, it might just be food for them. Should that make me less passionate about what I do? Should I quit because someone might not like eating vegetarian? Should I let fear determine who I am?

I will no longer let fear stand in my way of what is in my heart. Fear will not hold me down. I want to rise above circumstances and pursue my dreams. Who knows how long it will take but I won’t quit!

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