Stop getting your news from Chicken Little

Dear Americans,
Stop getting your news from Chicken Little. The sky is most definitely NOT falling. Sure, Fox news, MSNBC, and CNN are places to get the news but there is a huge (or Uge, depending on who’s saying it) difference between facts and truth.
The Left and the Right both would have you believe that they are the only clear choice. The news anchors are shouting at the camera to get your attention. The blogs that are leaning left have moderators commenting and if you disagree with them they will accost you letting you know just how you how ignorant and bigoted you are. The right leaning blogs do the same but tell you that you kill babies with your vote.
I, for one, have had enough. November 9th cannot get here fast enough! I have been alive through many presidential elections and this one has been by far the most vile and brutal election yet. It’s as if we are watching The Hunger Games every single night but there will be no good victor.
Mr. Trump has said some very nasty things in regards to women. As a woman who is a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault I find his “locker room” talk absolutely terrifying. I can’t imagine how fearful Mexicans, Muslims, refugees, and immigrants are when they hear him speak. He is Chicken Little. If he can convince the American people that the sky will fall if Ms. Clinton becomes president then he wins. 
Ms. Clinton has done nothing for victims of abuse in regards to her husbands indiscretions or in the courtroom when she was defending rapists. She was quoted as referring to Monica Lewinsky as a “narcissistic loony toon.” If you were to go back over the course of 10 years you can easily see how she shifts her view to what is “right” to fit the crowd that she is speaking to. She is a true politician — and that is not a compliment. She is Chicken Little. She would lead you to believe that if Trump were to be elected then the sky would fall and the economy would crash down with it.
As a former preschool teacher I have read Chicken Little so much that I have it memorized. I have always loved that story. Chicken Little gets bonked on the head with an acorn and he gets so worked up at this event that he must convince everyone that impending doom and destruction is upon them. In the end he realizes that moment was not earth shattering or life altering. That is what will happen after the November 8th election. The people will realize that their lives won’t change drastically no matter who is president.
When you turn on Fox news tonight think of Henny-Penny because surely she will be shouting at you that the sky is falling. When you happen upon MSNBC and Foxy-Loxy with his charming but deceptive eyes looks into the camera to tell you that the sky is falling, will you believe him?
Versions of the Chicken Little story go back 25 centuries. Steven Kellogg wrote my favorite version. When I was in fifth grade he came to my school and told the story while illustrating on large sheets of paper. If you were lucky you got to have one of the illustrations with his autograph. I was one of the lucky ones but as a teenager I purged my room of all things kid related and out that drawing went. I don’t remember much about that day but I always remembered that story fondly. I think that was why I read it to my class so often. It’s a children’s story with substance.
As an adult that story has taken on new meaning. As a child, it was a funny book. As an adult, it’s a reminder that just because one bad thing happens or if something does not go your way it doesn’t mean that life as you know it will be over. Some days it’s hard to be a human with all the pressures of life shouting at you. Maybe on a rough day you’ll bash your head and it leaves a bump as a reminder that maybe you should be more observant to what is around you.
Reflecting on this book while thinking of the impending doom of the election (that’s sarcasm) let’s think about what really matters shall we? If we are good to people they usually are good to us. If we show kindness it is reciprocated with kindness. If we have the capability to love then we receive love. I want to live in a world where even if we disagree it doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends. We need to see beyond religion, politics, orientation, and skin color. When we do that we find that each one of us are all humans who hopefully want the best for one another. 
Let’s not get wrapped up in Chicken Little’s hysteria. Let’s reach across the party lines with open ears and open hearts and listen. You might learn something that way.


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