Viewing life at 30,000 feet.

Sitting on the airplane watching the clouds roll by 500 miles has a way of making me remember just how very small I am in this expansive world. When I’m wandering the streets of the city I feel like everyone else. We are human, we are inventors, we control our destiny, we make things happen. Yet, when I am in the air I feel and see how very small I am in this great big world.

I’ve wondered often about the small fragile lives that we live. As life rolls on we get jaded and selfish, we demand things of others, and we get offended by the smallest of things. What if we all had the chance to view our lives at 30,000 feet? Would we get angry at the barista who gave us the wrong drink? Would we be mad at the car repair man when they tell us that the part isn’t under warranty and the cost will be $850 dollars? Would we see our lives for their size if we were able to step back and see everyone else’s life as our own?

I get mad at drivers, they tailgate or go too slow, and I yell. It’s a terrible trait that I hate about myself. I am constantly working on changing this behavior. I desire to be forgiving and to see each person as a human who has value however our demanding lifestyle doesn’t help to shape those feelings. We live in a now society. We’ve forgotten how to extend grace. We are a world at war. If we disagree with someone we are racist, homophobic, liberal, conservative, hateful, or judgmental. We’ve forgotten that we are small cog in the world that is our life. Each one of us has a purpose.

I hope to always remember that life is about more than what is going on with my own life. I am no one of consequence to most people, but that doesn’t mean that I am incapable of making a mark in my lifetime. Perhaps it is as small as a smile and thanks as I grab my coffee, but that small act of kindness might make difference in someones life.

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