What if there is no tomorrow?



Garth Brooks once sang a song “If tomorrow never comes”. There is a line in the song that says “I’ve lost loved ones in my life who never knew how much I loved them. Now I live with the regret that my true feelings for them never were revealed.”

I was thinking about tomorrow and how fragile that word actually is. Tomorrow may not come for someone who reads this or maybe for even the person writing this. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. We will live today believing in the lie of tomorrow. We will go on about our lives not thinking about how today is the end of the hope of someone’s tomorrow.

There is a day that if I shut my eyes real tight I can feel, smell, taste, touch, and see that day. It was the day my world stopped and time stood still. This was the day I realized that tomorrow may never come again. I spent a year waking up everyday but feeling like time had stopped on that day. That was the day I told myself I would look in peoples eyes more and make sure they knew that I cared about them. This day was a pinnacle of change in my life in so many ways. I knew that I needed to love harder, know that people will hurt and disappoint me but no matter what, I need to show love. This is not an easy task but I never want to live with the regret of my last words someone might hear.

Think about it for a minute…what if your last words caused hurt, pain, showed apathy, bred disunion, or caused bitterness. If that is what you showed or said could you live with that? Words are heavy and weighted and we spend so much time using them frivolously. We spend so much time trying to be right instead of trying to love. The day time stopped for me I shared love which is what was breed in me. More than anything I want my words to be deep, loving, uplifting and full of compassion.

If tomorrow never comes for someone you love, will you live with the regret of never showing love? Will you live with the regret of a life filled with “tomorrow” which is now empty.

I will never get my last words back the day time stopped for me. If I could remove the word tomorrow I would. My last words were “Love ya dad, see ya tomorrow”

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